jamie greubel poser

2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Bobsled

As an Olympic athlete, I need to fuel my body with the very best, in order to train, perform, and recover optimally. I also want to know what is in my food and I want it to taste great. That is why I LOVE brüks bars so much! I am so happy to finally find bars that are made from nutritious whole foods- and they taste AMAZING- like they were just baked homemade in the kitchen. Whether I have a long day in the gym, a cold day at the bobsled track or I am on the road traveling to a competition, I know I can count on brüks bars to give me the energy I need to chase my dreams and #FuelTheJourney.

kate wheeler

Sr. Health & Wellness Director at Harris & Harris Express YMCAs, 5-time Ironman

“Nutrition is extremely important, period. When training or competing it is even more important and in an Ironman it is key – nutrition will make or break the race. Race day nutrition is not the simplest thing to figure out; add a super sensitive stomach to the mix as well as one that can’t have gluten or dairy and it can be down right frustrating! I have tried what seems to be every gluten free/dairy free bar out there (which isn’t many), have only found a couple that agree with my stomach (some of the time) and only one that I can handle when training. I started making my own but it can be very time consuming! Then I met Brooke and was introduced to brüks bars and everything changed! brüks bars not only agree with my stomach, they are packed full of nutrients from whole foods and taste absolutely amazing! They instantly became my number one training and recovery food and I recommend them to everyone as hands down the best snack food you will find! Thank you brüks bars for truly caring about people’s health and creating such a nutritious bar that everyone can enjoy!!”

donnie smith

New England Revolution, Major League Soccer

“I am not a gluten-free athlete and had never tried an allergen-friendly bar before brüks bars. To me, nutrition is very important because ultimately it controls how well I can perform. I would recommend these bars to other athletes because of the natural ingredients, freshness of the bars and the fact that eating one sticks with me for hours.”

tyler gibson

Former Division 1 Athlete, Charlotte 49ers Men’s Soccer

“Nutrition is a massive part of sports performance and I take it very seriously. After trying many other energy/health bars out there I can confidently say that the brüks bars are the best on the market. They are full of flavor, moist and you can really taste the quality of ingredients – gluten-free, or not. After eating one I feel like I am consuming something that is going to help me perform at the highest level and replenish my body of essential nutrients.”

michael ambrose

Ultra Distance Runner

“I am a sponsored ultra distance trail runner by Feetures! Socks based out of NC and I got some of your bars in a care package from them. I am…OBSESSED! I can’t get enough of them. My next 100 miler or any race I will be eating these exclusively. Real food is real good. Thanks so much for making an incredible product. I took them up to the highest peak in Colorado this morning…maybe the highest a brüks bars has ever been?”

lisa roberts

CHHC Health Coach

“As a health coach focusing on fueling endurance athletes, I am always looking for convenient whole food, plant based nutrition. brüks bars are the perfect combination of protein, phytonutrients and whole grains that gives my clients the nutrition they need prior to a race. Not only are they "full of goodness" but they are a delicious staple on my husband's cyclocross team!”