Thank you for joining our team for our #SpreadGoodness Campaign! 

At brüks bars, our Vision is to: Provide fuel for YOU to change the world, one bite at a time. Now, normally we're talking real food fuel, but this month we're talking about more. This month, we challenge YOU to change the world in your own way (and we'll still provide the snacks).

Join us in an effort to make the world a little bit brighter on bite at a time with our Random Acts of Goodness (RAG) campaign. We're partnering with all of you to create a gigantic ripple effect of good. It's often the smallest acts that can change the world, so whether you decide to do one thing or 30, we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone this month and spread some goodness.

Here are some actionable ways you can participate:

  1. Sign your name here as a symbol of your commitment to #SpreadGoodness with us. Help us get as many people as possible to commit to the spread of good. Can we reach 10,000 by March 1? It's up to all of us!!
  2. Add ideas to our public master list of ideas to inspire more Random Acts of Goodness here.
  3. Spread this idea like a good virus that everyone needs to catch. Use the content below to copy/paste in an email to your friends and family, or post on your social networks (or create your own content!).
  4. Take a picture and use #SpreadGoodness and tag us @bruksbars to share your good. If you’d like to participate in our giveaway for participants see the rules and enter as often as you'd like by sharing on social until 2/28. *See entry requirements below. 

After February, we will compile and share all the good that is accomplished together and share what we’ve done together. Names pledged, good spread and highlights.

Giveaway: We want to make this a win:win (the world wins = you win) so we are also hosting a contest to give away ONE MONTH WORTH OF SNACKS, a t-shirt and some really really good karma to one lucky winner who takes action. *To enter the contest see below. You don't have to participate in our contest to participate in spreading some good. 

Sample Copy for Facebook/Instagram:

Sample Copy for Email: 

"Hi X, 

This month, I've decided to use gratitude and love to make an impact on the world around me through action. I'm joining a group of people who are committing to taking small but intentional and meaningful action to make the world a better place. Will you join me in a commitment to making the next month about Random Acts of Goodness? 

My friends at brüks bars are calling upon us to take action in the form of small acts of goodness. Let's see how much impact dozens of small ripples can have if we're all creating ripples together. 

Pledge to take action and add to the growing list of ideas for Random Acts of Goodness here: http://bit.ly/2jPnOFC

Read more about the full concept here: http://bit.ly/2kln128.

Let's spread good like a virus. #SpreadGoodness

Thank you!


Campaign Dates: February 1-28, 2017 (but you can keep it going all year!)

Sharable Link to our Pledge Sheet & Action Items: http://bit.ly/2jPnOFC

Sharable Link to this Page: http://bit.ly/2kln128

Now let’s get out there and do some good!

Spread good, it’s the brüks bars way.

Brooke, Pete, Sean, & Robby