Onwards and Westward!

For those that don't already know, on July 11th 2016 my life changed like it never has before. Monday, July 11th, was officially my first day of work as an Assistant Strength Coach/Sport Scientist for the Major League Soccer team, Seattle Sounders FC. A week before that, I got an unexpected call (the kind that people in my field dream of) that the Sounders had a job opening and they wanted me to interview for it. The person I look up to most in my field, Dave Tenney, called to ask if I’d be interested in working with him and his staff. A quick conversation later and the wheels were in motion. You know what they say about success, equal parts luck and opportunity. Well, here was my opportunity, so it was time to take a risk and jump into the unknown of professional sports and West Coast living.

(photo credit : Joe Wolf)

Brooke and I have lived in Charlotte for the last three years. Three of the happiest, most satisfying, and hardest working years of our lives. Our business was born there. We've identified with being adjunct Charlotteans. But now the West Coast and the job of a lifetime literally came calling. What makes this so attractive is for those who know us, know family is everything. And as fate should have it, both my brother and sister have relocated to Seattle for work in the last two years. For the first time in any of our lives, all three of us siblings (and our spouses/children) will live in the same city. For people as ambitious, driven, and with vastly different careers as us, this was something we could only dream about. And now it's happening.


brüks bars is one of the things in my life I am most proud about being a part of and being associated with. There's NEVER been a day that I wished Brooke and I didn't start it. I love this business and getting to share it with all of you. To know the small but powerful impact we are making on people's lives makes me smile no matter how long the days are. This business is a source of strength for me and not simply a way to spend time or an area that sucks energy. Because this business is so tied to my identity, and Brooke's as well, there was never a doubt in our minds that despite my sudden move to Seattle, brüks would forge on even stronger. In fact, we continue to grow quickly and are on pace to more than double in size this year (just like we did last year).

So I moved to Seattle and my beautiful wife/business partner is staying in Charlotte. This means that we've had to spend our first wedding anniversary apart. We've had to spend someone's very special birthday apart (I won't say which number for fear of the repercussions). And the hardest part of all, we don't know yet when we will be living together again. But if you ask either of us, there's not a second of hesitation that this is the right move for me, us, and our business. We are keeping our roots in the Queen City, but using this opportunity to expand to the West Coast. We want to be a nationally known and respected brand that is genuine, local, and full of life/passion no matter what city you find our tasty treats in. So onwards and Westward. We embrace this challenge. Because after all, the only difference between a piece of coal and a priceless diamond is the amount of stress it has endured.

To quote one of my best friends, whom I think you all already know...this is what chasing a dream feels like!

To deliciously good health,

Chef/Coach Sean


BONUS -- A Day in the Life of an MLS Strength Coach

6:15am - Alarm goes off with the message “Start your day with a meditation. You deserve it!”  
6:30am - Meditate for 10-15 minutes

6:45-7am - Usual hygiene stuff, take Fish Oil and Probiotics, and get the morning cobwebs off (I'm NOT a morning person)  

7-7:45am - Drop my brother off at work in downtown Seattle, continue on to Starfire Sports  complex, and call Mrs. Muldoon

7:45-8:30am - Make “Power Shake” (see recipe below) and grab an OG bar for breakfast, prep player GPS vests and HR monitors for training, and prep for performance staff meeting

8:30-9am - Meet with performance staff to discuss injured players and prep for daily/weekly training

9-10am - Catch up on emails

10-12:30pm - Team practice

12:30-1pm - Download training data and eat lunch

1-1:30pm - Set up gym for lifting session

1:30-2:30pm - Individual and/or team lift

2:30-5pm - Put together training reports that get sent out to all coaches

5-6pm - FaceTime with Brooke. Talk, laugh, cry, and just generally miss each other. A LOT

6-7pm - Work out. Mostly just lifting weights at the moment but will shortly add in some sprinting workouts

7-7:30pm - Shower and make sure everything is set for next day (gear in laundry, technology plugged in, equipment put away, etc.)

7:30-8:15pm - Drive home and listen to a podcast

8:15-9pm - Eat dinner and play with my niece and nephews


9-9:30pm - Play FIFA soccer on PlayStation with brother Mickey

9:30-10pm - Nightly hygiene stuff and write in journal

10-11pm - Read a book in bed and/or watch the Olympics

11pm - Pass out smiling because I know how lucky I am and that I get to live my dream everyday

Sean's Power Shake

  • 1 Banana
  • 2 scoops of Orgain Plant Based Protein Powder (chocolate)
  • 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate
  • Heaping tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Double espresso shot
  • 10oz of Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 10oz of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
  • A few ice cubes
  • Handful of baby spinach



LOVED hearing from you Sean! Thank you for sharing your life with us. SO glad you married my daughter!! You Rock!! LOve and Hugs

Posted by Mama Clupper Harry on August 17, 2016

Hey Sean!! If you are looking for any new friends in Seattle let me know, I have a ton of friends and family there (that are avid sports fans). I know the struggle of moving across the country alone! So exciting that you are working with the Sounders though! I can also recommend some bomb food places, Awesome grocery stores, cool places to see around Seattle if you are interested!

Posted by sarah mcdonald on September 08, 2016

Good work Sean!

Posted by Andrew Wiseman on November 21, 2016

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