Coming Clean - A Note from Brooke

No matter what side of the fence you were on for the 2016 presidential election, I think we can all agree at the very least, the pot has been stirred a LOT recently.  

This note is not about the election though. It’s about a conversation I had with a new but good friend who reminded me how important it is to be open and real, especially during times like these. Because the only way to a future we believe in is to stop showing our social-media-ready selves, and show the world our true selves instead.

I believe in doing the same with brüks bars. In sharing not only our successes, but our struggles. When Sean and I started brüks bars, being authentic was easy. We were the brand. We were the bakers, the cleanup crew, the event marketing team. Although our team is still small, I have struggled to find a voice for us at times. Why? Because I’ve been afraid. I’ve been afraid to share too much “personal stuff” about our story without enough substance about the quality of our product, or to share too many of our struggles and seem smaller than we are.

I’ve always done my best to embrace fear in other aspects of my life and use it as fuel to grow, to become better, to push forward and create the life I want. But for some reason, the idea of figuring out what to share about our small but growing business, how much to share about our struggles, has left me paralyzed at times.

Well, today I’m coming clean. From this day forward, I give you my word that we will be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are going to TBTP, “Take Back the Power” to show you who we are and what we are working hard on every day at brüks bars. Because the truth is: I am so proud of what we’re doing. And also, it’s hard as hell. 

Getting REAL Real

To me, it still feels surreal when people tell us they see the bars we made in our kitchen a few short years ago “everywhere.” I am so proud of our team, and of what we’ve accomplished. But behind the scenes, we are feeling growing pains. And we’re far from perfect: Our bags are still hard to open (new bags coming REAL soon!), we’re not 100% organic (but we ARE making great progress – our average organic ingredients/bar will be between 70-80% early next year!), and it seems almost every week our team has really high highs and some low lows. We are humans creating a brand from scratch. We are imperfect. That is OK.I have held us back as a brand. In some ways and not purposely, but because of my own fear. Fear that no matter how hard we work, we are not perfect yet. Fear of showing flaws that alter the image of a perfect, fast-growth startup. The balance between building a brand that not only represents and stays true to us, but also represents all of you and showcases our joys and struggles. Now that is a tall order…Any perfectionists out there who can relate?

I can’t promise we will ever be perfect, and for the sake of our team and myself, I have to stop striving for perfection.

A Promise to You

What I will promise is that these growing pains are coming from a place of goodness. That what makes a business like ours hard is not a lack of places to sell bars (though we do love selling more bars), but by refusing to waver from our core values. To use ingredients that are not cut with additives or preservatives. To refuse ones that are cheaper because they are filled with syrups or GMOs. What really matters to me, and our team, is to fight the good fight, for the things that matter. GOOD. INGREDIENTS. MATTER.

For Example

There are very few suppliers in the country that supply Granny Smith apples that don’t have additives. We found them. We’ve been pushed recently to use cheaper bulk ingredients from suppliers that are cut with “anti-stick” agents. When people try to push away from our core values, we find new suppliers, or request that they send us the ingredients straight up. We did a honey tasting to determine the exact type of honey/flavor we want to embody our bars. Same for cherries, cranberries, flax seed – and the list goes on.

We will never give up on fighting the good fight for: Real. Good. Food. We know this is what makes brüks bars different. Our Vision statement isn’t, ‘Fuel for YOU to change the world, one bite at a time’ for nada. This is our mission. Every day we’re hustlin’…for good food. 

In my life, I’ve always done my best to embrace fear. To use it as fuel to grow, to become better, to push forward and make the life I’d wanted, happen.

Fear can embolden us, or stunt us, it’s all in how we choose to harness it. 

To deliciously good health,

Brooke & Team brüks




THANK YOU! I loved reading this post. I appreciate transparency in companies. It allows the buyer to feel more connected to the product by knowing your story. Keep those Good Ingredients coming.. because they really DO matter. And..Keep sharing because customers CARE and enjoy being on this journey with you.

Posted by HOpe on November 13, 2016

So proud of all of you. As you know, I’m a big fan of core values. :) And here’s why: no matter what winds may blow, as long as you are anchored to your core values, you may bend, but you won’t break. And though the work you do and choices you make to live in alignment with your core values may be some of the hardest you’ll ever experience, it will always, always be fulfilling in the end. YOU are the ones to put your bruks bars heads on your pillows each night, not the ones pressuring you to compromise. Stay true, dear friends. I have no doubts that you will, and goodness will surely follow! xoxoxo

Posted by Laura Neff on November 13, 2016

Girl I SOOOOOOOOOO feel ya. Running a business and trying to make an impact on what sometimes seems to be a godforsaken planet (especially lately) can be a tireless, scary and often thankless job filled with constant worry, stress, goals not reached and on and on…

I remember (must be like 5 years ago?) you sitting in my living room I think, saying how you wanted to launch a bar…well shit girl you DID IT!!!

Sending you a huge hug from someone who knows what walking in your imperfect worry-filled shoes :)

xoxoxo Amber

Posted by Amber Antonelli on November 13, 2016

You guys are doing well….building from scratch is a monumental
task. The only thing you have to fear…is fear itself. All the best on
your next move…and beyond .

Posted by Grandpa on November 14, 2016

Thank You for all you do to help keep us Healthy!!! I, too, am a little OCD [perfectionist] about values, doing the right thing for the right reasons, caring about health, etc., so I am so grateful to be in partnership with a others who have like commitments to LIFE as me. Keep up the Great Work & Product. I am making my Christmas List to give Health with bruks bars. In Light, Love & Blessings, Aleene

Posted by Aleene Kann [Mike's Mom] on November 14, 2016

Thank you for your heartfelt message.

We love you
Uncle Mark & Aunt Karen

Posted by Mark MIhaljevich on November 16, 2016

One of the best products I have tried in a good while. Glad I had a sample at the grocery store. I told you they were terrible and you should give the whole stock to me…..Great product!!! I will be a happy supporter and consumer.

Posted by Eric Kru on December 10, 2016

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