What Our Bars Have Taught Me

Pete Smith, our COO and new business partner, has been through the peaks and valleys of life, and in doing so, has discovered his passion for delicious, healthy snacking. Check him out on the recently released e20 Podcast: Make Your Third Decade Count with T.J. Sullivan, as he details his rollercoaster 20s and the new adventure he is embracing in his 30s: bit.ly/e20petesmith. While you are listening, make some coffee, bite into a brüks bar, and read his blog below to find out what he has learned from our healthy snacks, and why his ex-girlfriends still call him a food snob.

I eat a brüks bar and I don’t have a stomachache. I feel healthy, energized, satiated…dare I say, normal? For the vast majority of people, this is not an earth-shattering statement. But for me, someone who knows what life-altering illness feels like, who is aware of the uniqueness of any small time period without a stomachache, who reads the back label before the front, this is the most important statement I can make. I found a snack. Not only is it healthy, delicious and completely real, but it makes me feel good. This little bar is so important to me that I left my world behind to devote myself to it completely. Call me an evangelist or in the delicate words of more than one past girlfriend, “a food snob.” As long as I feel well, you call me anything you want (although I prefer foodie)….

Yes, we want to grow this business and be successful. We want streamlined production, seamless distribution, and a national presence. But these are just milestones, checklist items all leading to our real goal: to share these snacks with the world. I join Brooke and Sean’s devotion to the soul of this bar—the ingredients we use, the way we bake, and the teammates we employ. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a journey to share what we find most important in this life: health, happiness, and delicious food. Whether you are an running a 5k, fueling for a tough workout, dealing with food intolerances, or just craving a delicious snack with a label that doesn’t require a Masters in Chemistry to understand, #teambrüks wants to be a part of your journey. And we love it when you are a part of ours.

The excitement we feel at events when people taste our bars for the first time is unparalleled. It's fun to talk to the foodies, the ones who read Michael Pollan books, shop exclusively on the perimeter of the supermarket, and post pictures to social media of their black bean burgers dripping with cashew cheese. But honestly, it is even better when the conversation starts with, “No thanks, I don’t like healthy food, especially that gluten-free stuff” and ends with, “Wow, that’s delicious. I’ll buy a box because my husband has to try these, and my kids can take them in their lunch boxes instead of Fruit Snacks!”

I’ve been told that no one rivals a salesman who sells a product of personal importance. Well that’s how our team feels everyday as we race around baking, packaging, stickering, delivering and shipping our bars – we are sharing our passion with the world and promoting something that is truly has no price tag: good health.

What our bars have taught me:

Real food tastes good. The right combination of dates, fruit and raw honey or organic maple syrup is sweet enough without additives or artificial sugars, and with some added fiber, your body processes it without the spikes and crashes we so often experience with our snacks.

Real food looks good. Our bars are moist, shelf-stable, and don’t crumble when I open the package. I love seeing the individual nuts, the vegan chocolate chunks, the chopped Counter Culture espresso beans, the chia seeds. I love knowing exactly what I am eating and that each bite tastes unique.

Real food feels good. I feel full after a bar, thanks to ingredients like the cold-pressed coconut oil, the organic flaxseed, and the natural peanut butter. I feel energized after a bar. But really, only one thing matters. I don’t have a stomachache. And for me, that is worth anything.

Thanks for reading and sharing in our journey.

To deliciously good health,

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Can I buy your bars at SAFEWAY?.

Posted by Michele Sullivan>>> Yes, T. J. 's Mom! on February 08, 2016

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