The Journey of Two Food Entrepreneurs

A snapshot taken while moving from Miami to Charlotte - and just after getting engaged.

If you’ve ever started a journey doing something you love - I’m talking a true paradigm shift in your life, not a trip to the Bahamas here - you’ll know that it takes on a form of it’s own in no time. Before I get to knee deep in my head here, let me explain what journey I’m talking about: I’m talking about when my husband (then boyfriend) and I started baking our ooey-gooey-peanut-buttery hodge podge of a snack that we eventually named brüks bars. (*Side note at the bottom if you want to know where we got the name).

Our first bars for friends and colleagues. Note the fancy plastic wrap.

It was only a few weeks after we started sharing our hunks of baked goodness that we were strongly encouraged by our colleagues who’d tried them to start a business. Before we knew it, we were a two-man team composed of a marketing gal from California and a sports science guy from Chicago, who simply loved good food and the way healthy, real ingredients made us feel.

The thing about starting a journey is, better or worse, you can’t predict exactly where it’ll take you.

This post is about our journey. Today is about a snapshot, if not a moment held in time, about the present state of our business brüks bars, that will either make or break us.

A view from our Miami, FL apartment.Sean with one of our first Original bar batches.

We moved to Charlotte like many know, just a few short months later when Sean became a Sports Performance Coach for University of North Carolina, Charlotte (where he still works today - go 49ers!). We landed as if we were arriving in a new world; no friends, no contacts, no experience in the food industry.

That day was two years ago exactly in August. Today, two years later we count our blessings to be a part of this wonderful community we’ve grown into, everyday. Our business is now becoming what we always dreamed of: not the mom-n’-pop operation we inevitably started as, but as a medium sized small business, ready to take on the world.

Taking a break after a long night of baking at Carolina Commercial Kitchen in Charlotte, NC.

People say not to get too emotionally attached to your business. That it is a hobby until you’re making money to support yourself and that emotion can cloud your judgement. I’m here to say, if you have a great product that people love, and you love what you do everyday, do what it takes, for as long as you’ll let yourself to make it. Because with the right support, a strong set of values that you stick to, and the courage to take on the world, every moment is worth it.

To this day, we hand make each of our bars in a small shared kitchen space. Luckily we have a small but mighty amazing team who support us, but despite the progress we’ve made, we are still in the kitchen every week. This isn’t a good thing, or a bad thing, it just is. We do what it takes to keep this baby of ours humming along. And we will as long as they’ll let us.

We’ve had one of the most successful, incredible few months since starting our business. I am so so proud to say, we are now in over 50 locations, sell our bars nationally, and are bringing on a new partner who we will officially introduce within the next week.

Thank you for your support. Keep dreaming and don’t let the journey take you, you take the journey.

Much love, 


*Sean suggested calling the bars “brüks bars” because it was his loving nickname for me that evolved because his sweet Cuban grandparents say my name ‘Brookes’ with their accents. <3


You are both amazing. What a great team in so many ways.

Posted by Belkis Muldoon on September 07, 2015

Thank you, Bel. We are a great team – and we have a great team behind us.

Posted by Brooke on September 08, 2015

Congratulations on your Success! I am so over-the-top Proud of you both! There was no doubt the two of you would be successful as you both are Dreamers that Make Your Dreams a Reality! Hard work, Long hours and your Dedication to whatever you take on, is proving itself over and over again. Big Hugs!

Posted by Lauri Clupper-Harry on September 08, 2015

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