Getting Married & Running a Business, Part 1: Staying Sane

In less than three weeks (on July 18, to be exact), I get to marry the man of my dreams and business partner, Sean. Like nearly every woman on the planet before her big day, my head is at least halfway in the clouds, as I think it should be.  We got engaged on our way from Miami to Charlotte, during a brief stop in Savannah, GA. When we arrived Charlotte we were seeing it for the first time, and at the same time, Sean started a new job, and we launched a business. It’s been two years, and we are finally tying the knot. Being so close to our big day, I’ve finally succumbed to my girliness as a bride-to-be, and am challenged with managing the other center of my world: our business, brüks bars.

Honestly, the actual wedding planning process has been cake next to what we expected – it’s life that gets in the way at times. Our world has been rocked recently with wonderful progress in our business, which makes the fun parts of planning feel like a vacation from our long days as business owners. We’ve seriously enjoyed planning since most of it has been quality time spent organizing a week of fun for our families and closest friends. We’ve loved almost every minute and this has been truly one of the most joyous times of our lives.

In Emergency Break Glass: How I Stayed Sane

Mix all the busyness of life, work and the emotional roller-coaster of getting married (I cried while folding laundry this week), while planning a destination wedding for 90 people, and be warned: Your brain may turn to stir-fry, unless you have a good outlet.

What has kept me from becoming a complete bridezilla during the happiest months of my life, you ask? Working out. All the time. Hard. And, let’s be real: emergency chocolate.

At first, sticking to a strict workout routine felt like just one more thing on my endless to-do list. Now, I realize, it has saved mine and possibly Sean’s sanity. One of the best parts of this year-long planning process is the perspective it has given me as a business owner: at the end of the day, the to-do list will carry over to tomorrow, but taking care of yourself and each other is the thing that matters most. Not to mention it will enable you to be more productive anyway.

Below, I’ve shared some of my workout routine during the last 6-months, including a screenshot of one of Sean’s lifting workouts for me (who’s also a Sports Performance Coach at University North Carolina at Charlotte):

MONDAY: Run, 3-5 miles

TUESDAY: Lift – Sean’s workout

WEDNESDAY: Spin class

THURSDAY: Hot yoga

FRIDAY: Off-day (3-5 minute plank + 10 minute living room body weight workout)

SATURDAY: Long run, 6-9 miles/PLAY

SUNDAY: Off-day/PLAY (3-5 minute plank + 10 minute living room body weight workout)

PLAY= Wake surfing, dancing, going for a walk with Sean, or some other physical activity that feels more fun than a “workout.”

*Note: I don’t believe in setting strict category workout days. Life is too complicated and too short. Basically, I try to lift weights 1-2 times/week, do cardio 1-2 times/week, hot yoga 1-2 times/week and play1-2 times/week. This is just a sample of what a standard week looks like for me.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming after the big day!




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Just ordered some bars for the girls (and Vic and I) … love them all. Claire and Nora are so excited for the wedding!! Best of luck to you two lovely people … “forever is composed of nows” (or something like that … ala Emily Dickinson). Michelle

Posted by Michelle (Claire and Nora's mom) on July 07, 2015

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