Getting to know #teambruks: 6 Questions with Suellen LaBerdia

Now that the summer will soon be upon us, and farmer’s market season is kicking into high gear, we thought this would be a great time to introduce our newest addition to team brüks and true lean, mean, baking machine, Suellen. This woman is sweet as vegan pie and since she’s started baking in the brüks kitchen we don’t know how we ever survived without her. She will be the third friendly face under the brüks bars tent at Davidson Farmer’s Market, as we kick off our first full summer of markets, so please swing by and say ‘hi’ to our small but mighty crew. Check out our full farmers market schedule below Suellen’s interview.

What was your first experience like with brüks bars? How did you come across them and what were your thoughts?

I had just taught a yoga class at On Track Yoga and needed a snack when I noticed that we had started selling a new product at the studio, bruks bars. I tried the original flavor and was freaking out when I read the ingredients AND it was the tastiest bar ever....not to mention I'm a total "bar junkie.”


How does being a mother of two kids impact your views of nutrition, health, and wellness?

I began to see the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in my early 20's while moving around the country, expanding my love for yoga, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking. It was becoming a mom that gave me that ultimate boost into learning more about health and wellness. Now, at 43 with two teens I see that balance is the key and living as a positive role model makes a big impact for my family.

We noticed you've got some pretty awesome tattoos, what was your first/most meaningful?

I have a deep love for self expression through art, tattoos being just one of those mediums. I got my 1st tattoo when I was 18, it was a small daisy on my ankle but I had it covered up years later. My sleeve is a story of my family. It represents my kids as well as a memorial for my mom and my brother. Every time I look at it or add on to it I'm overcome with a sense of love and healing.

Outside of working with Brooke and Sean, how do you spend your free time?

When I'm not busy with bruks bars, I feed my spirit through being with family and friends, sharing my love of yoga, belly dancing, designing and sewing costumes as well as herbal healing pillows (which will be available under the brüks bars tent during farmer’s market this year!), and getting creative in my kitchen.


As a long time Charlottean what is your favorite place in the city that us transplants don’t know about yet, and why?

I moved to Charlotte with my family when I was 16 so I've had a chance to see how it's grown in the last couple of decades. There are quite a few spots around town that newcomers might not know about, like the greenway. It's a great way to bike from one part of town to another without getting into traffic. The U.S. National Whitewater Center is another wonderful spot that's just outside of the city. You can be surrounded by nature and catch live music, which are two of my favorite things to do. Or, if you need a snack, you can even grab a brüks bar!

What excites you most about the future of brüks bars?

There are so many reasons I feel excited about the future of brüks bars. The fact that I get to actively be a part of a team that is fantastic in countless ways is only the beginning. Brooke and Sean are building their dream and this is the message that I hope to instill in our future generations....dream big and believe it's possible, as long as you're willing to work hard! I'm truly inspired by these two and their vision.

To meet the team this summer, come out and grab a sample and visit us at one of the following dates that we’ll be at Market below. Also, keep up-to-date with more local brüks bars events, sign up for our monthly newsletter at bruksbars.com.

2015 Season brüks bars Davidson Farmer’s Market Dates:


  • 5/9
  • 5/30


  • 6/20


  • 7/11
  • 7/25


  • 8/8
  • 8/29


  • 9/12
  • 9/19

We’ll see y’all at the Market!

Much love,

Suellen, Sean & Brooke

Team brüks

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