Blog - Clean Eating During the Holidays

Fall colors are vibrant outside the Johnston Y.Most of us are in the same boat every fall: we enjoy the beautiful changing colors, start sipping on our hot comfort drink of choice and begin the seasonal battle of the bulge. I’ll be the first to admit, as the weather cools, it becomes harder and harder for me to say no to treats, sweets, and calorie-packed pumpkin spiced anything.  Let’s face it, temptation is everywhere. While living in Miami last year, I managed to avoid the annual seasonal trap (being surrounded by tanned beautiful people helps one stay motivated). This year I am determined to trim my fattening fall habits, before I have to trim my waistline. Sure, I’m going to let myself splurge here and there, but no downward food coma/lack of exercise lulls for me this year! This is how I plan to stay fit and healthy this fall, without eliminating all comfort foods:

  • Get outside to enjoy the fall weather. Yes, it’s chilly, but it’s the perfect time of year for hiking, biking and trail running
  • Keep making fresh foods. It’s nice to settle in with the occasional warm comfort food, but for the majority of the week we’re going to keep eating salads, lean meats and whole gluten-free grains like quinoa and brown rice
  • Make Chai and pumpkin spiced lattes a treat, not a default, substituting herbal teas instead
  • Only make or buy treats to bring to others’ houses, NOT to leave at home. They always seem to disappear from the cupboards at home…

At the very least, this is a start. I believe that half the battle to a healthier season is consciousness – being aware of what and how much you’re eating and how much exercise you’re getting. I’m starting my commitment to a healthier holiday season this month. I hope you will too!

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