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Healthy Dinner SaladMoving to a place you’ve never been can feel a lot like being a child discovering a new world for the first time. It is invigorating, exciting and stressful to start a new life. Fortunately, we moved to the sweet south. Our experience moving here has been cushioned by the warmth of the Charlotte community. As opposed to the sink or swim mentality of New York or Miami, moving here felt more like, rushing through traffic because you’re 30 mins late, only to show up and greeted by someone with a Southern accent who says, ’Oh, don’t worry darlin’, you’re right on time, we were just about to get started.’ Despite the warm welcome we received, we’ve both had a few nail biting, near sleepless nights. Starting a business is no joke as it turns out! It’s a good thing we’re doing what we love. No matter what you do, even the most perfect job can be stressful. In order to cope with the high demands of...well, life…we’ve compiled some of our tried and true ways Sean and I take care of ourselves throughout a transitional time. (Even if you’ve lived somewhere for years read these, it’s never too late to try something new, or make some new friends!)

  1. Take time for YOU (no, but seriously). Sometimes it feels impossible to sneak in an hour to go to yoga/run/take a bath/get your nails done, etc. Put it in your schedule. You’re worth it.
  2. Exercise. We all know we should, but it’s hard to make a routine of it. This is the single best way to relieve stress, period. Pick your poison and join a club, set your alarm early, or go to the gym. Group workouts are great because you’ll be held accountable.
  3. Join a club, or three. We’ve moved all over the country in the past few years. Meetup groups/adult social sports clubs saved my life. No matter how cheesy it sounds, you will easily bond with new people after playing kickball, a grade school favorite, with grown adults.
  4. Find a “locals” spot. Whether it’s the coffee shop down the road, or the brewery next door, this is a great way to get to know the local culture, cuisine and/or upcoming events.
  5. Eat well. Go out and try new things. That is what being new is all about. But make sure you’re still making healthy choices most of the time. Your body will thank you.
  6. Make time for each other. No, strategizing about work, cleaning the house and running around like maniacs with too much to do, doesn't count. Date night counts. And it matters. Just find the time.

seanandbatfirstfootballgameWe hope this helps even one of you with a huge life transition! Whatever it is (moving, starting a new job/business, or starting a new personal goal), we know it ain’t easy. We also want to thank anyone who has already supported our pre-sale of Apple Pecan Bars by spreading the news. Your support really means so much to us, THANK YOU! We are getting ready for shipping our first batches nationally - only two weeks left to pre-order bars for  shipments the week of 10/1, so please share this blog and/or connect with us on social media to help us spread the love for our delicious snacks!! With love, Brooke

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