Organic is the New Black: Why we’re changing the apricot in Apricot Chocolate

Our Apricot Chocolate bar is new and improved, now with organic, all natural apricots!

When we founded brüks bars in 2013, it was all about us: our favorite flavor combinations, our snacks, our ingredients. Since that time, we’ve been evolving, defining and redefining our food philosophy, and so naturally our bars have changed to represent this. The difference today is it’s no longer about US, it’s about YOU.

That’s why we’re incredibly proud to announce we’ve just perfected our first batches of the Apricot Chocolate bars with organic and unsulfured apricots, and now there’s no turning back.

We are flavor lovers just as much as we are good ingredient lovers, so we’ve crafted a bar that we believe is better for you, and at the same time….here’s the key...tastes even better than before! It tastes like biting into a butter cookie - without all that buttah baby.

It’s important that we’re always working to source better, cleaner ingredients, and looking for ways to improve our real food snack bars so that they’re the best possible “Fuel for you to change the world, one bite at a time.®”

We know, it sounds like madness. But it’s the truth. Don’t believe us? Try one, we dare you.

Keep an eye out for our new bars, hitting stores the week of March 14th. Our updated labels will follow within the next few months. And for sticking with us through thick ‘n thin, here’s 10% off your next online order of Apricot Chocolate Bars. Use code: destinationdelicious.

To deliciously good health,

Team brüks



Posted by Mindy on March 20, 2016


Posted by Carter Lewis on March 22, 2016

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